LIVE Virtual Conference September 20 - 21. Separate Day 1 and Day 2 tickets are available.
This hybrid course provides practical, hands-on training to develop scanning techniques and image acquisition with live patient models.
Evaluate and treat orofacial pain using thrust manipulation of the cervical spine, non-thrust manipulation of the TMJ, and exercise.
Learn techniques to manage a patient with a concussion to return them to their previous activity level.
Learn about current trends in Higher Education at this hybrid event
Looking for ways to design Active Learning into your online course? We'll cover course design, online tools, and implementation strategies.
Learn how to proactively advocate for the value of athletic training practice, education, and leadership in a dynamic healthcare culture.
For clinicians interested in the evidence for pain management using cutaneous manual therapy techniques.
Draws from counseling skills and addresses the similarities and differences that supervision has with counseling.